Visual Studio Code

What an announcement Microsoft did at the Build conference this morning. There has been lots of shocking announcements to be honest.

Visual Studio Code for Mac OSX and Linux

I was really intrigued to try this one out, a lightweight code editor with multiple languages supported and the Visual Studio intellisense. I’ve installed it on my Arch Linux.

Just download and unzip the file, it’s an executing binary just started it ./Code and here it was.

Small footprint but interesting features

I’ve tried it very quickly for JavaScript and C# intellisense. Seems to be pretty good. And has they’ve said it’s not only auto-completion but really intellisense.

This is not a review in any case, but I just needed to try it out for myself.

Normally I use a combinasion of Atom, WebStorm, Vim, PyCharm and Visual Studio. This VSCode is worth investigating where it can fit.