Pragmatic Elm web applications

[Coming soon]: Learn how to build long-term maintainable single-page application in Elm.

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Are you looking for a new and exciting adventure for your next frontend project? Have you heard of Elm?

Pragmatic Elm web applications

That's right, the superb functional frontend language you'll learn to love.

Be warned you might have a hard time returning to JavaScript once you discover how fun and productive Elm is.

Together we will build a complete web application. We are starting from scratch all to deployment. You'll learn everything you need to start your projects with Elm and be in control of the flow.


No previous experience for Elm or functional programming is required.

Ideally, you already have built a frontend web application with JavaScript or TypeScript. If you already have some experience with React, Angular, or Vue, that might help, but it's not at all required.

You'll need a working Node and NPM environment and a good grasp on building a frontend web application in general.

Also, make sure you read the Elm guide before starting the course.

What are we building?

To be announced soon.

What you'll learn

Build a SPA in Elm

I'll teach you how to build a single-page application. One that you'll have a good time maintaining without feeling the urge to rewrite it after three years.

Learning all about the SPA model will also give you the knowledge to build a multi-page web application so you get the best of both worlds and can apply the right paradigm based on the situation.

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JSON in<->out and websocket

We will communicate with a fictive backend via HTTP requests and WebSocket.

We will cover JSON encoding and decoding in Elm. How creating the types first helps design better frontend web applications.

I'll show you how you can pass messages in and out of your application using websocket and how you have to revert to using JavaScript for that.

Uploading file, drag & drop, JavaScript ports

I'll cover how to embrace how Elm interacts with JavaScript and how you can leverage your knowledge of JavaScript to perform key aspects of typical web applications.

There are some aspects that Elm is not supporting natively. Writing and reading the local storage, for example. For that, you'll need to pass messages via JavaScript ports.

This last part makes sure the applications you build with Elm are not limited in features due to Elm not supporting something you need in the browser.

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You may reach me here: dstpierre on GitHub @dominicstpierre on Twitter