Please note that this video was using the first beta version of SignalR, lots of things changes since that day.

The version 1.5 of LCSK was not doing a bad job in terms of presenting a relatively interesting experience to the end user (visitor). I’ve started from the same JavaScript file of that version and simply changed the part where I was using continuous polling for new messages and adding new message for SignalR server call and client callback.

In almost a weekend I was able to craft a not so terrible live support solution using SignalR. If you did not try it so far I highly encourage you to check it out. Despite the fact that lots of SignalR demos are related to chat, the possibility are just incredible and even for “non-sexy” line of business data-entry apps.

I’ve published an early alpha preview of the version 2 so you can play with the code and see for yourself how amazing SignalR is.

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