Please note that this video was using the first beta version of SignalR, lots of things changes since that day.

SignalR is so exciting. I cannot think of how it could have been easier to achieve that level of real-time communication in the past. I’ve started LCSK in 2007 and finding that kind of energy and desire to complete the v2 after 5 year is only possible because of the fun I have developing with SignalR.

Here is the second part of a series I’m currently doing on rewriting my open source live chat / live help project. In the first part I cover the basic on how to plug SignalR into a project. The second part demonstrate the agent panel in an acceptable stage where an agent can sign-in, accept and answer to visitor and be notify when a visitor close the chat.

All the code is live and available for download at http://livechatstarterkit.

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