See your Stripe MRR and monthly stats in your terminal

17 Jun 2017

Code editor showing the main calculation logic and the terminal output for

Terminal for me is where I’m feeling at home, certainly because I’m visually impaired, nonetheless, I’m always either reviewing/writing code or doing sysops operations.

At Roadmap we do have Stripe notifications in Slack. We’re not yet using a Stripe analytics tool like Baremetrics for example and I wanted a simple and quick way to answer the question:

What’s our current MRR?

Having a manually calculated spreadsheet MRR is all fine, but let’s be honest it will not get updated frequently and it’s hard to calculate the right amount.

I searched for a command-line tool that would do something like that. I’ve found some nice dashboards by Segment and some Python and Ruby GitHub gist. Nothing either in Arch repo.

I opened my editor and wrote a Go package and I named it termrr for Terminal MRR. This is a sample of the output it generates:

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$> ./termrr -key sk_test_32ajah7QA-not-a-real-key
MRR is  425.00
Month over month stats
2017-05 New customers: 1 MRR: 25.00
2017-04 New customers: 1 MRR: 50.00
2017-03 New customers: 1 MRR: 55.00
2017-02 New customers: 2 MRR: 80.00
2017-01 New customers: 1 MRR: 95.00
2016-12 New customers: 2 MRR: 120.00

I wanted to have a properly calculated MRR. Handling customer and subscription discounts as well as yearly subscriptions.

The month over month stats show how many new customers were added and how many new MRR it brought to your total.

How to install

You may download a pre-built binary for Linux, Mac and Windows from the Releases page of the GitHub project.

If you already have Go installed, just get the package and run termrr from your terminal:

go get

How to use it

./termrr -key your_test_or_live_stripe_key

You use the -key argument and pass a Stripe live or test key. It is basically only iterating over all your customers and get their subscriptions to calculate the MRR and monthly stats. No write is sent, only read-only of course.

What’s next?

I’m not sure, for now I needed that information and that’s what I built. As the requirements change I might adjust. I’m switching from UI to terminal for some of the tools I’m using to gain productivity. Email client is my next target.

I must admit that a real-time terminal dashboard could be interesting ;). Thoughts?

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