CTO as a service

Build and launch your SaaS affordably

Starting at $3000/month

Get a reliable programmer for your project

Products I've built

I've built eight SaaS products since 2008, and I enjoy this type of software. That's why I'm offering my development services, but more specifically, as CTO to hire.

It's difficult for a non-technical founder to find a good developer. I'm experienced, and will help you build your v1.

How does it work?

Schedule your initial meeting here . We'll talk about your product idea, and outline some first steps.

In that discussion, I will be able to tell you if I can help you and roughly how many months it will take to reach your first version.

Once we have a basic agreement, you may purchase the subscription. Note that the product price is set at $18,000 to make sure there are enough months to cover all scenarios. If your project takes three months, you'll cancel the subscription after that three months.

Who owns what?

You own everything created. You have all the intellectual property of the product. Since payments are in advance, I'm working directly on your GitHub repository, and you may cancel at any time.

You won't give up any equity, and you're in control of all assets.

It's a productized service I'm offering because I've built lots of SaaS in more than ten years. I have lots of common SaaS components ready to go.

What can you expect?

A working product that handles the functionalities we agreed on and everything you need to be operational.

You'll be able to accept payments, have a polished user onboarding, transactional emails, and an admin dashboard to monitor and manage different aspects of the product.

The product is deployed on an infrastructure we discussed. Each product is different, and sometimes, to make sure we can reach the deadline, we need to adjust the infrastructure.

What if you need a new feature?

I'm happy to help you maintain the product. There will be a $1,000 per month subscription that includes monitoring, bug fixing, and lite new feature development each month.

This service makes sure your product runs smoothly during Montreal's business hours.

The bottom line is that you're not left alone once your product is ready. I'm choosing to offer this service because I like small products and hope to build long-term relationships.

How many hours per week?

It's not a per-hour agreement. It's more like you're getting an experienced programmer with 20 years of professional development and 10 years building SaaS for a very affordable price.

For the building phase, I'm planning on focusing on only one customer at a time. You can expect 12 to 18 hours per week. We can have discussions via Slack, and we can schedule meetings during the business hour in the EDT time zone.

What will I not do?

Anything illegal, anything I feel is not the right fit for me for any reason.

Anything related to design as in logo, images, and eye-candy visuals. You might want to plan to have a designer for anything you want to be "beautiful."

I'm also not going to build anything using Ruby on Rails. If it's a requirement of yours, we save both our time here.

I'm also not doing any native iOS and Android development. I build mobile-friendly web applications but no native mobile development.

You may reach me here: dstpierre on GitHub @dominicstpierre on Twitter