LCSK is a small and lightweight free and open source live chat / live support application. It uses Microsoft SignalR for communication mechanism. No database involved, only a single folder and the SignalR dependencies are added to your project.

This is an updated video on how to add my open source project LiveChat Starter Kit to your ASP.NET project.

Steps for adding LCSK to your ASP.NET project

  1. From a Package Management Console type: Install-Package LCSK.
  2. Copy the 3 JavaScript lines wherever you want the chat box to appear.
  3. Start your app and navigate to: /lcsk/install.html.
  4. Set the password for the admin and agent role.
  5. Go to: /lcsk/agent.html and sign-in with any name and the agent password.

From there you’re up to go, you can simulate a visitor with another browser and request a chat by typing into the chat box.

Get more documentation and the complete source from LCSK’s github page.