Who am I?

09 Dec 2019

Hey there, my name is Dominic St-Pierre. I’m a software engineer living in the middle of the woods north of Montreal, Québec, Canada.

Since 2008 I’m building products (SaaS) trying to find one that users will find useful and that I’ll have a blast maintaining and growing.

Current products

CTO as a service - I can help build your SaaS affordably.

Pragmatic Elm web apps - Work in progress video course on Elm.

ClearUser - Customer research tool.

Build SaaS apps in Go - Book on building SaaS in Go.

Previous products

Vivid - 2019: Podcasting tool that automatically generates teaser of podcast.

Roadmap - 2016: Product management tool.

LeadFuze - 2015: Lead generation tool.

Osmosis - 2013: Proposal software.

MyWineAssistant - 2013: Wine cellar tool.

Bunker - 2011: Invoicing & Time tracking for freelancers.

Twollow - 2008: Twitter tool to follow people with same interests.

Need a reliable developer?

I’m doing consulting here and there, mostly depending on project. Contact me if you want to chat.

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You may reach me here: dstpierre on GitHub @dominicstpierre on Twitter