Social media can be really powerful. I mean, I never been able to generate more than ~1,000 visitors in one day for any of my products. No matter what kind of methods I tried. My wife and I started a content site for parents in 2009-2010. We wanted to try something together. We thought that by joining both our strength we would have better chance of succeeding.

On December 16th my wife told me that one of the article that were written in Nov 2010 got some likes on Facebook, she mentioned a number in the range of 600-700 people. Our website target the alternative parents and is in French so the audience is not as wide as if it were for mainstream people in English.

I than looked at the Google Analytics data and bam! 10,804 visits. I was simply stoked. I mean 10k people saw that article and the website in one day. And this is a 3 years old article. What happened, why now? I immediately told my wife:

What’s going on? How could that be happening?

The article finished the day with ~7,000 likes. The article is related to respecting the children during Christmas time. It turns out that it was picked by influencers this year and it just bubble up.

On December 17th mind you, the first thing I did was to open GA and see and bam! 27,591 people that day. This is not possible right? Almost 30k in one day, this is insane. At that point I was so excited and intrigued about why that was happening 3 years after.

Giving value at the right time

Maybe the writers that were writing in 2010 were a bit ahead of there time. Those articles are touching subjects that some parents could be uncomfortable with. I’m not going to enter in any details here, that’s not my point. But my point is that, 50,217 people viewed the website and connect with the brand simply because of Facebook. The timing was good I would say and the topic is probably more relevant now than 3 years ago, who knows.

though that traffic would probably not have converted into paying customers. We don’t know since we do not sell anything, but still, 50k people talking about you in a short amount of time is a great accomplishment for a small market. I’ve heard lots of solopreneur saying that social media was a complete waste of time, but if your content do have real value and resonate in influencer’s mind, that could be a really nice boost of traffic and most importantly brand awareness.

At this time the article do have ~14,000 Facebook likes and the author did a part 2 article to keep the pace. Sometimes luck do play a role in ones success.

Is it replicable in a B2B product scenario

I’m not sure, since I’ve never been able to generate that kind of traffic for a product. It has been said and repeat for a long time now, but having quality informative content on your site will help you gain authority in the long run.

We are always too quick to ditch content marketing, well I am, I don’t know about you. But if after 3-4 month I don’t see changes I kind of stop or put the content generation on hold etc. If I create a 5th product (ho yeah, I’m already at 5), I will make sure to get at least 3 epic, quality blog post that are of highest value possible for my target audience. And I’m not talking about the next feature or changes that has been added to the product.

You target audience normally do not care that much about your last push. It is time consuming, it take skills but it can be done with some efforts. And improving this skills will be beneficial for the future.

I would certainly love to have 50k unique visitors in 3 days for my next product.