I guess those things happen one day or another if you are not careful with your backups. In short I’ve lost all my blog posts since the beginning of my blogging starts on October 2007.

What is ~300 blog posts anyway?

Sure compare to loosing important code files or entire client projects data near a due date would have been much more disastrous. Still, for me, all those blog posts were representing the fact that I was there since 2007. I remembered having comments from some known folks from the .NET community etc.

Fair enough, time to restart

I’ve lost the blog posts from a server transfer near September. I was sure I had backed up and copied the SQL files from my SubText blog. Having all the others important backup and web app transferred (except my blog), I’ve cancelled my server with peace of mind. Two weeks after that I was finally ready to restart my blog from the backup SQL file.

Oops, no file found. How come I’ve picked every other SQL backups and not my blog. I guess those things happen when you are doing too much things at the same time.

I will take that opportunity and try to re-established myself a bit.