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Who am I?

07 Feb 2019

Hey there, my name is Dominic St-Pierre. I’m a software engineer living in the middle of the wood north of Montreal, Québec, Canada.

since 2008 I’m building product for myself trying to find one that users will find useful and that I’ll have a blast maintaining and growing.

The two last attempt were LeadFuze and Roadmap.

In September 2018 I publish a book on Go and writing SaaS app. It took me 11 months to write the book and the accompagning source code. It was pretty fun, but super hard.

In January 2019 I transformed the source code of the book into a Go library helping with building SaaS type web application.

Need a reliable developer?

I’m doing consulting here and there, mostly depending on project. Contact me if you want to chat.

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